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We provide custom sewing solutions for projects of various sizes. We also have our own line of custom sewn bags that fit various applications.

I am a home-based sewing company located in Bismarck, North Dakota. I do custom sewing of all types of bags; tote bags, diaper bags, market bags, cosmetic bags, overnight bags, jewelry bags, technology bags for all sized items, yoga bags, and knitting rolls. I sew mug rugs, coasters, quilted wall hangings along with knitting & crocheting christening gowns, stockings, mittens, scarves, and doilies. I also do threaded crafts including embroidery and cross stitch. I am capable of handling almost any custom sewing need that you might have. Contact me today at 701-471-1338 to see how I can help you with your custom sewing needs.

Craft Events in North Dakota

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View a list of events that we will be attending through out the calendar year. Stop by and see what's new.

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We sell our handmade purses, yoga bags, market and tote bags, hobby bags, diaper bags and other specialty items.

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Interested in learning? Our sewing classes will teach you how to sew and craft items for your needs.

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What's Happening at Start-to-finish sewing

I keep thinking that I will find the time to write a note each month to let everyone know what is going on at Start to Finish. Well, it is May (almost June) and this is my first note.

Bismarck Bucks Indoor Football Team

First thing on the list of things to update you on is that I am happy to be the Seamstress to the Bismarck Bucks Indoor Football Team. I am so excited to go to the games and cheer on the team. I was so honored to meet the team after a game. If you have not been to a game, I highly recommend you come and enjoy the fun!

More Sewing Classes

I am so excited to be offering more classes this past spring and will be posting some sewing, knitting, and crocheting events over the summer, and the class schedule starting at the end of August. I have taken steps to make room for more students in the sessions. The class times will be opened to include Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

More Sewing Opportunities

So, let’s have a great beginning to 2022. Watch for updates on Facebook and on this site. There are so many great things happening at Start To Finish Sewing. Please give me a call for your sewing and gifting needs! Thank you so much for making my life so exciting and fun.

Sherry Schatz