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Master Sewer - Sherry Schatz

Hello. I am Sherry Schatz. I am a born and raised North Dakota farm girl. Our farm was located about 30 miles from the nearest city. I began crafting and sewing as a very young girl. I cherished the time that I spent learning from the older ladies in the neighborhood. When I would go to Mabel's house, she would teach me to knit and crochet. She would let me thread the needle on her Singer machine and I would watch her move the floor pedal to get the needle to move up and down. I would watch my mom work the same type of machine to patch my dad's pants. I remember helping my mom to learn how to work her first electric machine.

There were many winter nights that I would dream about creating new clothes for my dolls and for my Midge doll. (My sister got the Barbie.) We could take a box of tissues and create the most elegant wedding gowns.

I enjoyed using my crafting and sewing talents to help my mom create our clothes and to repurpose things to use over again. The one-room school house that we attended provided a reason to wear dresses and create props for programs and plays. I can truly say that I walked up hill both ways in a blizzard to get to and from school.

I sewed my own wedding gown, prom dresses, crochet and knit many gifts and treasures. Making gift items has become a huge outlet for my creative talent and desire. So often, I find that a customer will tell me that they just cannot find the right bag to hold what they need.

My husband and I live in Bismarck, ND. Tucked in our warm inviting home is a room that I find to be the perfect sanctuary. It holds my sewing needs and does burst at the seams sometimes.

I look forward to working with each and everyone to help them to create something special. Whether it be the repair of a quilt, creating a memorable item, or to purchase something that I have made, I welcome the opportunity to share my talents.

For all your custom sewing needs give me a call at 701-471-1338

Sherry Schatz