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I sew custom diaper bags in various sizes. Each bag comes with a waterproof changing pad. Due to high demand for diaper bags, custom orders are also taken when my on-hand supply runs low. Order early in order to have it in time!

I am of the opinion that obtaining the diaper bag is like shopping for the wedding gown. It is that purchase that appears to be the first step to the realization that a new person is coming into your life. The bag is part of the process of going to the hospital and bringing home that new little one. I remember putting in the first outfit that they would wear home from the hospital, and of course leave room for those presents that you get while you are there. Back in the day, a mother was in the hospital at least 24 to 48 hours!

I continue to be amazed at how much we think we need to put in a bag to travel with a child! When they are first born and share our lives, there is no manual that says what you will need when you leave the comfort of your home. The bag becomes the mini-nursery.

With the return to using re-useable diapers, the bag becomes even more important to hold clean and not clean separately. Having a small waterproof bag available can keep everything fresh and clean while you are out and about. A changing pad accompanies the bag.

As the child grows, pocket items change from the bottle to a sippy cup to a bug juice! I could never quite convince myself that kid’s drinks are better than water, but some battles are just better left alone. Containers of cereal or other snack food items seem to remain constant, but just develop from one thing to another. A change of clothes is always part of the packing. Oh, the list goes on.

As time moves us through different stages, the need for a bag to hold things we need changes as well. What once was a bag to hold things for a child now needs to hold things for an elderly parent, or someone who needs to freshen up during the day. Bags can be designed to hold those special things that may not fit in a handbag, but are needed while a person is away from the comfort of their home. Smaller carry bags can hold personal hygiene items and still look fashionable. These bags can be kept in the vehicle and ready when the situation arises.

Recently, it has come to my attention that most people that travel with pets have a need for the same type of bag. I am now aware that dogs wear diaper like covers. Puddle pads replace diapers. Toys are just a little different. Medication and toiletry items are needed. Small bags of food and their bowls need a place to go too.  Grab one bag and make one trip!

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