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types of Custom bags

We sew custom bags for everyday use or special purposes. Whatever the type of bag each and every bag is sewn with my high standard of craftsmanship and attention to detail. All of my bags are backed by 100% guarantee.
Tote Bags

tote bags

Everyone needs that bag that you carry with you when you go away from the comforts of your home or office. I was the mom that always had a bag big enough for everyone’s “stuff”. Toy cars, crayons, and sippy cups were replaced with jewelry, eye glasses, iPods, headphones, and the list goes on and on. My children were convinced that my bag could hold enough snacks, candy, or a beverage for the entire family. Through the years of searching for that one bag that had the right amount of pockets just the right size, located in just the right place, I found that I just needed to create my own Tote bags.

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Diaper Bags

diaper bags

I am of the opinion that obtaining a diaper bag is like shopping for a wedding gown. It is that purchase that appears to be the first step to the realization that a new person is coming into your life. The bag is part of the process of going to the hospital and bringing home that new little one. I remember putting in the first outfit that they would wear home from the hospital, and of course leave room for those presents that you get while you are there. Back in the day, a mother was in the hospital at least 24 to 48 hours!

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Hobby Bags

hobby bags

Hobby bags will hold the supplies that you need to do the activities that you enjoy. Heading to a scrap book weekend and need a bag to hold your project? Intent on finishing your latest knit or crochet project and take your project with you everywhere? The hobby bags are a must have bag.

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Yoga and Gym Bags

yoga/gym bags

Our line of yoga bags is different in that they are made to serve the needs of the person. If you are like me, it makes doing things that you may not enjoy much better. I bring a bottle of water, some energy bars, and my mini laundry bag to make my trips to the gym more enjoyable. It is always fun to see others look at my bag and then compare. I may not have created the perfect bag for your needs, but would sure enjoy working with you to design one that will make your trips to the gym more fun.

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Market Bags

market bags

On a more functional note, I don’t know the number of times I have witnesses the grocery canned items rolling around because the plastic grocery bag has met its match. A good market bag can hold the grocery canned goods, the bread that gets crushed, and the fresh produce that seem to find its way to the bottom of the bag. With our society having such an issue with recycling plastic our market bag is the perfect solution to helping our environment.

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