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We sew custom tote bags in various sizes. Bags that have many uses such as going to the gym or for your favorite yoga workouts.

Everyone needs a bag that you carry with you when you go away from the comforts of your home or office. I was the mom that always had a bag big enough for everyone’s “stuff”. Toy cars, crayons, and sippy cups were replaced with jewelry, eye glasses, iPods, headphones, and the list goes on and on. My children were convinced that my bag could hold enough snacks, candy, or a beverage for the entire family. Through the years of searching for that one bag that had the right amount of pockets just the right size, located in just the right place, I found that I just needed to create my own bag.

The tote bags that I make are filled with pockets. The bags are made with cotton material and can be washed in your washing machine. I have made many custom bags to the specifications of the customer’s needs. The bottom is made with washable vinyl that can easily be wiped off if the bag had to be set down in a public place.

Traveling with the tote bags is made easy with a luggage band to set the tote onto your suitcase as you dash through the airport. It fits under the seat and can hold everything that you need to travel in style.

One of the greatest joys I have experienced was making totes in variety of sizes for my neice’s weddings as gifts for the attendants. As they arrived for the wedding, it was fun to watch how they had them stuffed with extra shoes, curling irons, makeup, snacks, water bottles in the water bottle pockets on the sides, and more things that I did not see!

My small tote bag is a great bag for your personal things. It is surprising how much can be put into the small tote bag. The 12" x 12" x 6" tote bag can replace your purse. The small tote bag pattern can be modified to fit your needs. I have made several small bags that were a bit wider and have been used as a great compliment to hold many things.

My medium tote bag is just a bit smaller than the large bags and can serve the same purpose as the large tote bag. With a mere two inch difference, it can still hold a computer, personal items, snacks, diapers, and so much more.

My large tote bag can hold your travel desk including your computer in a protected pocket located in the center of the bag along with personal items. The large bag is great for a diaper bag with inside pockets modified to hold the things that your little one will need.  Each large tote bag is a great size to hold your craft supplies. Large tote bags can be made with closed zippered tops or open tops.

My X-large tote bag can hold a weekend worth of clothes to make a getaway. It has a shoulder handle that can be removed.

I know of a traveler who used her bag to hold extra clothes that she had to take out of her suitcase to bring it within weight and held her purse to bring her personal items to a lower limit on a small commuter plane.

The possibilities are endless! Don't forget to checkout our diaper bags.