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I sew custom yoga bags in various sizes. Bags that have many uses such as going to the gym or for your favorite yoga workouts.

I can say without hesitation that I will never like to exercise. I am a member of the YMCA in Bismarck, ND. I like the YMCA atmosphere because they offer a variety of things to do. I can swim, workout, walk, join a class, or just go there and sit in the Women’s locker room. They have a sauna and hot tub… But what really makes it cool is to have a yoga bag to hold all I need to take a class and a bag to bring my change of clothes when I get done working out. I ask the other ladies what they like or dislike about their gym bags. Most say that they don’t have a divider to hold their workout clothes or a wet swim suit. There are never enough or the right size pockets to hold their gm shoes or personal items. Some bring a duffel bag that they sling over their shoulder and struggle to get through the door and up the stairs.

Yoga Bag

I can also say without hesitation that I do enjoy the benefits of being more active and concentrate on being healthy. I feel so good after I work out and see the rewards of being more active. So, pack your gym or yoga bag… don’t have one? Well, I can hook you up!!!

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Our line of activity bags is different in that they are made to serve the needs of the person. If you are like me, it makes doing things that you may not enjoy much better. I bring a bottle of water, some energy bars, and my mini laundry bag to make my trips to the gym more enjoyable. It is always fun to see others look at my bag and then compare. I may not have created the perfect bag for your needs, but would sure enjoy working with you to design one that will make your trips to the gym more fun.

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