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Specialty items are made for that special person in your life. Each person has something special that they would like to have made for a family member, friend or for themselves that carries a very special meaning.

Many of the things that are made of cloth and lace have some type of meaning. Part of what I enjoy most about being able to sew and craft is to rescue those items and make something that will be a part of our lives a little longer. You know that favorite sports team that you may have. I am sure that that sweatshirt that does not fit you anymore can share your life by embellishing a bag for you to take to the games. T-shirts can become a great throw, the front of a bag.

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A 100 year old confirmation dress became a dress on a doll that now graces a bed. She sits in the middle in front of the pillows like royalty. Her sisters have lace dresses and sit at their granddaughters beds. Each get to share in the past and can create a memory to treasure. Do you remember gramma’s sweatshirts? You know, the ones she always wore. Now they are a throw that covers a daughter on those cool nights and when she just needs to feel a mother’s hug. Those sleeves and sweatshirt backs became mittens, 15 pair of mittens to give to sisters, and grandchildren. Now when they walk outside in the winter, gramma is keeping their hands warm.

Wedding gowns become christening gowns, hankies, baby bonnets, jewelry holders, and so much more. It was such an honor for me to take a part of my wedding gown and make my first grandchild a christening gown. I plan to make a special gift for each of my granddaughters out of the remaining fabric and lace. (Probably should not be putting that on the world-wide web!)

Wedding gifts for your attendants can be embroidered with the name of each person.

If you have a project that you just can't finish yourself and need help we can craft it for you. We would be happy to help.